The “Inside Dubai” project is a first of it’s kind, one-stop collection of novelty tourist memorabilia products from the city of Dubai — intended to be available to both tourists and city residents at an affordable price via select retail outlets within the city. The collection offers a contemporary, relevant and artistic visual reflection of the city — set as an alternative to the limited and standardized images which are currently the only form of visual memorabilia available for sale throughout Dubai. Project will focus on promoting Dubai’s proud landmarks, but by doing so in a more artistic, non direct and natural way, that is also reflective of the realities of life in the city. The Inside Dubai brand will initially be available as a combination of mounted fine art prints, themed street photography booklets, sketch books, and a series of premium high quality postcards.

Tasks. Create Brand Identity: Logotype, Design 5 Books (22x17cm), Prints (28x21cm/56x42cm), Postcards (11.5×17.5cm), Business Cards (8,5×5,5cm), Packaging.

Inside Dubai 001 - Logo Inside Dubai - Covers A Inside-Dubai-003-Content Inside Dubai - Covers B Inside Dubai - Prints Inside Dubai - Postcards Inside Dubai - Business Cards thx