«ЭШ» is one of the most status Belarusian magazines about fashion and lifestyle. The magazine was founded in 2002. And during this time it reached level of an icon of style in the Belarusian media space and it became known outside Belarus.
Fashion, luxury, lifestyle, design, art, cinema, travel, car… We consider these subjects from the different points of view: tendencies, exclusive interviews to masters and new names, reportings from actual events and secular actions.

Tasks. Create Brand Identity: Design Magazines (22x17cm), Billboards (6x3m), Postcards (11.5×17.5cm), Business Cards (8.5×5.5cm), Packaging.

ЭШ Magazine - Covers ЭШ Magazine - Content ЭШ Magazine - Postcards ЭШ Magazine - Business Cards ЭШ Magazine - Billboards thx